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YesNo provide a wide range of e-Mail options from simple stand alone downloaded mailboxes to fully featured Microsoft Exchange accounts, remotly hosted in one of our data centres.

With up to 70% of a company's information being held on emails you need to be sure that you have a secure and reliable email solution with daily back-ups and support around the clock by experienced Exchange engineers.

e-Mail is now so deeply embedded in business infrastructure and culture that its security has become fundamental to normal business operations and a matter of Board-level importance.

Instant e-Mail

With our basic e-Mail account you can hold your e-Mail on our servers until you choose to download the content onto your computer(s), this can be an instantaneous process whilst you are logged into your e-mail package during the working day.

Mobile e-Mail

Microsoft Hosted Exchange, a business-class messaging solution from YesNo for only £ 10 per month, meets today’s demand for mobility, keeping you wirelessly connected and continuously in the loop while you’re on the go. Frequent travellers can read, compose and act upon messages and attachments no matter where they are – from client site to airport to coffee shop – while maintaining a single mailbox that is always synchronized.

Windows Mobile

YesNo supports Windows Mobile phones including push email. Exchange Server ActiveSync and Outlook Mobile Access (OMA) to put the power of Windows software into Pocket PC or SmartPhone devices. ActiveSync is a protocol that allows applications to talk directly to the Exchange Server in order to synchronize e-mail, calendar, and contacts. OMA provides client access from web-browser enabled mobile devices. Together they help you manage all of your information and communications while on the go.


BlackBerry is a complete wireless communication solution which pushes email to you whilst on the move. Read, forward, reply, create and delete emails and attachments in real-time, as well as use the device for voice calls as with a standard mobile phone. YesNo's BlackBerry Alliance Hosted Exchange service integrates with Blackberry to provide a Full BES (not the cut down BIS) service, so that your email arrives automatically on your hand-held BlackBerry using Over-The-Air automatic synchronisation technology.

Your calendar and contacts are also accessible on your BlackBerry. Items sent from your BlackBerry automatically synchronise with your Hosted Exchange email account, appearing in your sent items folder. Contacts and calendar events added using your BlackBerry also synchronise automatically with your Hosted Exchange email account.

YesNo provide a fully managed service including supplying the BlackBerry handsets and connecting you to a network provider such as T-Mobile, Vodafone or O2 for your monthly telecom contract.

Some key features:

* Real-time email - you receive emails in real-time as they are sent to you.
* Contacts - store addresses and phone numbers in synchronisation with your PC or laptop.
* Calendar - your BlackBerry synchronises with your Hosted Exchange calendar
* Phone - all the usual phone features such as voicemail, call logs and text messaging.

Microsoft Exchange

YesNo's Hosted Exchange for Windows provides you with the best e-Mail solution, enabling you to access your e-Mail, Contacts and Shared Calendar from any computer with internet access; for your PC.

Microsoft Entourage

YesNo's Hosted Exchange for Apple Mac provides you with the best e-Mail solution, enabling you to access your e-Mail, Contacts and Shared Calendar from any computer with internet access;

Anti-Virus & Spam Filtering

YesNo's Anti-Spam & e-Mail Defense system keeps unwanted email like spam and viruses out of your inbox and off of your computer!

Investing in fully effective email security has major benefits for your business:
* Ensures the availability and reliability of your organisation's email network
* Mitigates the risks and legal liabilities of unwanted email, computer viruses and inappropriate content
* Frees up valuable IT resources and improves end-user productivity

Allowing you to keep control of your inbox.

* PleaseNote:
This product is sold only with our Hosted Exchange service. The price excludes cost of each BlackBerry device and monthly contract and connection costs which are charged directly by your telecom service provider. The £ 10 per user per month fee covers Hosted Exchange service and excludes the additional Hosted BlackBerry Enterprise Server license of £ 10 per user per month.
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